General information

Available Courses options Certificate Level / Diploma / Degree / Masters / Post Graduate
Minimum Qualifications Required G.C.E. O/L Sitting ( This will be depending on the course which you have selected)
Age Above 18
Study Time Period Full Time
Medium All courses will conduct in English medium
Education requirements IELTS not required - As the lectures will be conducted in English medium some college prefer minimum "S" pass for GCE O/L examination. - The student who do not have a "S" pass still can apply for some institutes by facing a placement test.



  • London School of Business and Finance (LSBF)
  • PSB Academy
  • SDH Institute
  • Dimensions College
  • Beacon International College
  • SAA Global Education
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
  • Amity Global Institute


Course Duration

Certificate Course 3 months (minimum)
Diploma Course 12 months to 18 months (6 month study period + 6 months OJT / 12 months study period + 6 months OJT)
Degree 3 to 4 years
Top up Degree 1 to 2 years
Masters 12 months to 18 months
Postgraduate Diploma 12 months


Available Courses

  • Certificate in Business / Engineering / IT / Management
  • Dip in Logistic & Supply Chain Management (DLSCM)

  • Dip in Accounting & Finance (DAF)

  • Dip in Electrical Engineering (DEE)

  • Dip in Information Technology (DIT) / Dip in Business IT (DBIT)

  • Dip in Business Administration

  • Dip in Hospitality Management (DIHM) / Advanced Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism (ADHT) / Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management (HDIHM) Dip in Hospitality Operations (DHO)

  • Dip in Professional Cookery & Food Preparation (DPCFP)

  • Dip in Applied Hospitality Skills (DAHS)

  • Dip in Global Hospitality Management (DGHM)


College Course Fees

Certificate Course SGD 2,500 upwards
Diploma Course SGD 4,900 upwards (4,900-12,000)
Advanced Diploma SGD 8,000 upwards
Degree SGD 12,000 upwards
Postgraduate Diploma SGD 8,000 upwards
Masters SGD 10,000 upwards

*Above amounts will vary from College and the course you are selecting Installment payment option is available.

Payments Required

College Admission Fee (Non refundable) SGD 300 – SGD 493 (Depend on the College and course, Direct payable to College via Bank TT)
Course Fee College course Fee Depend on the College and course
Documentation Fee / Consulting Fee Documentation fee LKR 15,000 / Consulting Fee - Totally FREE
Air Ticket Fee LKR. 70,000 upwards (One way)



1. Course Fee, School admission fee and course fee will differ according to the college and course which you select.

2. Air ticket fee will be differ according to the air line.

3. Exchange Rate :  

Total Cost

  • After receiving the offer letter from Singapore College, you are required to pay college admission fee and then Summerset will submit your visa application.
  • Upon receiving successful visa, you have to pay course fee (direct payment via bank TT to College + Air Ticket payments to local travel agents.
  • You should have minimum of SGD 1,000  in your hand for your Initial expenses in Singapore. This will help to cover the accommodation + Food cost in Singapore at least for 2 months.
  • No dependant Visa allowed in Singapore.
  • Parents, Dependants can visit Singapore (On arrival Visa)

Other Charge

Bank fee, uniform fee, utility fee, admin fee, medical fee, material fee, student pass, will be add to course fee, Min SGD 300 Max SGD 600 (for some colleges this includes to course fees)

Accommodation and Cost of living in Singapore per month

  • Summerset will be arranging accommodation according to the preference of the student.
  • In a shared room, there will be 3 to 4 students from the similar gender and the cost is SGD 300 to SGD 400 per month for each student. Single room will cost SGD 900 pm and college hostel SGD 400 upward.
  • Average food cost will be SGD150 per month for self-cooking.


Every Month (This will depend on the course you select)

Financial Sponsor

Not required

Visa Interviews

No Interview

Visa Type

Student Visa + OJT (for some selected Courses OJT is exempted) please refer to offer letter.

Visa Period

Initially you will receive 6 months visa and renewable till the end of the full course, Visa renewal - When doing, the visa renewal attendance and the students performance will be considered by College & Singapore Immigration.

Part time or Full time job allowed ?

While you study in Singapore part time jobs are not allowed but students will have the opportunity to work & earn while study with OJT offer (OJT = on job training).

Transfer to other countries

Most of colleges offer students to transfer to other countries with their affiliate partner colleges upon successfully completion of the selected course with good marks & good attendance.

Required Documents

  • Copy of Passport (Photo page color)
  • Birth certificate original Sinhala & English Translate
  • Exam certificate originals G.C.E. O/L (&A/L if have) Certificate – English Translate (Certified by Foreign Ministry)
  • Other educational certificates originals (if available)
  • Photos – Passport size with white background (5 Nos) (Neatly Dressed)
  • Name Affidavit (if) any name defferences in passport & other documents.