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What's new in Summerset College

17-01-2022 - Approved training centre | OTHM since 05-01-2022

Signed Agreement with OTHM to work as Approved Training Centre for OTHM courses... Read More

15-08-2021 - Approved training centre | BCS since 15-08-2021

Signed Agreement with BCS to work as Approved Training Centre for BCS courses from... Read More

01-08-2021 - 1000+ New students registrations for year 2021 up to 1st of August

We are happy to announce, we have done 1000+ new students registrations for our local classes in... Read More

15-06-2021 - Registered Centre for AREMT from 15-06-2021

MOU signed on 15-06-2021 with AREMT. AREMT | Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical... Read More

10-06-2021 - Launch of Integrated School Management System

10-06-2021 - Launch of Integrated School Management System  Established Intergreted... Read More