Refund Policy  

Atudy Abroad by Summerset Study Abroad

* Study in Singapore | Canada | Australia | Malaysia | United Kingdom

Summerset Study Abroad offers completely free counselling sessions about the entire process of applying to universities and obtaining a visa. The application fee and other university fees, such as semester payments, must be paid by the student directly to the university by bank transfer.

The registration fee for students who wish to apply to Singapore, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom is LKR 15,000, which is collected by the Summerset Study Abroad.

Summerset Study Abroad will assist with all administrative tasks. However, if the student is not eligible to receive an offer letter from the university or is denied a visa from any of the aforementioned specified countries, Summerset Study Abroad will reimburse the LKR 15,000 that they paid as a registration fee.

Additionally, the Summerset Study Abroad will assist the student in obtaining a refund from the university for any payments they made. However, please be aware that Summerset Study Abroad is not liable for the application fee or any other money sent to the university, since the universities handle refunds in accordance with their own refund guidelines.

* Study in Russia | Belarus | Korea | EU Countries

Students who want to apply to Russia, Belarus, or any other European nation must pay LKR 100,000 to Summerset Study Abroad before the application process can begin.
Since Summerset Study Abroad only provides guidance regarding University payments and does not handle requests for payment from the University, students should pay University fees directly to the University via bank transfers. If the students do not receive an offer from the university (applicable only to Europe) or an Invitation to Russia/Belarus, Summerset Study Abroad will reimburse LKR 100,000

Study Local by Summerset Campus

Local courses in Sri Lanka


'Summerset Campus' Charges fees from Students for following Services:

1. Course Admission Fee : LKR 1,000 (one time fee). This fee is Non-Refundable once paid & registered to a Course. Students are advised to get all the course details, assignment details, practical class details, exam details, from the relevent course corrdinator before any payments.


2. Course Fee or Installment Fee: The amount of the payable depends on the course selected by the Student. The fee amount once paid by Student to 'Summerset' will be refunded under following criteria. 

(A) Students are eligible to get a refund of 100% from the 'Paid amount' if Student sends a written request or Email to cancel their attendance 7 days prior to program commencement. 

(B) Students are eligible to get a refund of 75% from the 'Paid amount' if Student sends a written request or Email to cancel their attendance  within 7 days from the program commencement.

3. Course Study Material Fee: This fee is Non-Refundable once paid.

4. Exam Fee: This fee is Non-Refundable once paid.


Once a payment is made for a course Admission, Study material & Exams, that amount cannot be transferred for another course, as 'Summerset' commits resources for reserving a course place for each registration. 'Summerset Campus' has the right to charge an interest on delayed payments.


~ End of Refund Policy ~





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