General information

Available Courses options Language Course / Degree / Masters / PHD
Minimum Qualifications Required Language : G.C.E O/L Pass only
Degree : G.C.E A/L Pass only
Masters : Bachelors Degree
PHD : Masters Degree
Age 18 to 40
Study Time Period Full Time / Part Time
Medium All courses will conduct in English medium | Russian | Ukrainian
Education requirements Basic Knowledge of English


Universities | Colleges

  • Ada University
  • Khazar University
  • Baku Engineering University
  • Azerbaijan Medical University
  • Baku State University
  • Baku Business University
  • Azerbaijan State Economic University
  • Tourism & Management University
  • Architecture & Construction University
  • Azerbaijan State Oil And Industry University
  • Technical University
  • Art & Culture University
  • Western Caspian University
  • Western Caspian University
  • Azerbaijan Universities Of Languages


Course Duration

Foundation | Language 1 year
Degree 4 years
Post Graduate 1 to 2 years
Masters 1 to 2 years
PHD 3 Years & upwards


Available Courses

  • Engineering, Construction, Petroleum, Chemical
  • Law, Philosophy, Social Relations, Social Science, Psychology
  • Business Administration, Management, Finance, Economy, Marketing
  • Foreign Language Teaching, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • Music, Dancing, Fine Art, Drama
  • General Medicine, Dentist, Pharmacy

University | College Course Fees

Foundation Course | Language Course USD 1,200 upwards
Diploma Course USD 1,500 upwards
Degree USD 1,800 upwards
Masters USD 2,000 upwards
Post Graduate USD 2,500 upwards

*Above amounts will vary from University | College and the course you are selecting -  Installment payment option is available.

Payments Required

University | College Admission | Registration Fee (Non refundable)

University | Course Fee University | College course Fee Depend on the College and course (Direct payble to University via TT
Documentation Fee / Consulting Fee Documentation Fee LKR 100,000  / Consulting Fee LKR 450,000 (required to pay after visa)
Air Ticket Fee LKR 80,000 upwards



1. Course Fee, School admission fee and course fee will differ according to the college and course which you select.

2. Air ticket fee will be differ according to the air line.

3. Exchange Rate : 

Total Cost

  • After receiving the offer letter from University , you are required to pay University admission & Visa fee,  then Summerset will submit your visa application thru University or Coordinator.
  • Upon receiving successful visa, you have to pay course fee for 1st Semester (direct payment via bank TT to University + Air Ticket payments to local travel agent.
  • You should have minimum of USD 500  in your hand for your Initial expenses. This will help to cover the accommodation + Food cost  at least for 2 months.
  • No dependant Visa allowed in Azerbaijan.
  • Parents, Dependants can visit Azerbaijan (Required Entry Visa)

Accommodation and Cost of living in Azerbaijan (per month)

  • Summerset will be arranging accommodation according to the preference of the student.
  • To have a comfortable life while studying, you will need about USD 100 to USD 150 per year for living costs plus tuition fees.
    The cost of living in Azerbaijan is low compared to many other European cities.  For an individual, shared accommodation will cost around $80 to 100, and food and traveling cost around $70 to 100.


September and February
For Language Programs : Every Month

Financial Sponsor

Not required

Visa Interviews

No Interview

Visa Type

Student Visa 

Visa Period

Your Student Visa will be approved for 1 year from Immigration, It can renew upto end of the course period. 

Visa renewal - When doing, the visa renewal, attendance and the students performance will be considered by University & Immigration.

Part time or Full time job allowed ?

University students can work like any other people, of course, if it doesn't interfere with their studies. The working time of employees can't exceed 40 hours per week.

Transfer to other countries

Most of Universitys offer students to transfer to other countries with their affiliate partner Universitys upon successfully completion of the selected course with good marks & good attendance.

Required Documents

  • G.C.E. O/L Certificate–English Translate (Certified By Foreign Ministry)
  • G.C.E. A/L Certificate –English Translate (Certified By Foreign Ministry)
  • Copy of Passport - 1st 4 pages - Color
  • Birth Certificate English Translate
  • Copy of Spouse and Child Passport (if apply)
  • Photos -Passport Size with white background (Neatly Dressed)