Level 4 - OTHM Endorsed Qualification - UK

(Summerset Course code OTHM IDECE)

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General information


The Level 4 International Diploma in Early Childhood Education for Teachers course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to individuals who aspire to become early childhood educators. This course offers a holistic approach to understanding child development and focuses on creating effective learning environments for young children.
Throughout the course, participants will explore various core units that cover key areas of early childhood education.

These units include:
1. Create a learning environment for early years: Participants will learn how to create inclusive and stimulating learning spaces that promote the overall development of young children. They will gain insights into organizing resources, setting up physical environments, and establishing an atmosphere that fosters positive learning experiences.

2. Plan and prepare learning and teaching activities: This unit equips participants with the skills to design and implement developmentally appropriate learning and teaching activities. They will gain knowledge on curriculum planning, lesson sequencing, and effective instructional strategies that engage children in meaningful learning experiences.

3. Creative play for childhood development: This unit explores the importance of creative play in the holistic development of young children. Participants will learn about different types of play, their benefits, and how to facilitate and enhance play experiences to promote cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

4. Early years language literacy skills: In this unit, participants will discover strategies to support language development, phonics, reading comprehension, vocabulary enrichment, and emergent writing skills in young children. They will gain practical insights into promoting language and literacy skills effectively.

5. Developing cognitive skills in children: This unit delves into the cognitive development of young children and provides strategies to enhance their thinking, problem-solving, memory, attention, and creativity. Participants will explore various cognitive development theories and apply them in practice.

6. Emotional and social skills development in early years: Participants will learn about fostering emotional intelligence, social interactions, selfregulation, empathy, and resilience in young children. Strategies for promoting healthy relationships and supporting children's emotional well -being will be covered in this unit.

7. Physical and nutritional wellbeing in early years: This unit focuses on promoting physical health and well-being in young children. Participants will gain knowledge on creating safe and healthy environments, implementing routines, supporting gross and fine motor skills development, and providing appropriate nutrition for optimal growth.

8. Introduction to teaching children with special educational needs: Participants will be introduced to concepts and strategies for teaching children with special educational needs (SEN). They will gain knowledge on inclusive practices, adapting teaching materials, and creating supportive learning environments for children with diverse learning needs.

9. Safeguarding children: This unit emphasizes the importance of safeguarding and protecting children in early childhood education settings. Participants will learn about child protection policies, recognizing signs of abuse or neglect, implementing safety procedures, and working in partnership with parents and relevant agencies to ensure the well-being and safety of children.

By completing the International Diploma in Early Childhood Education for Teachers course, participants will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide high-quality education and care to young children. They will develop a deep understanding of child development principles and be prepared to create engaging and enriching learning experiences for young learners.


January / April / July / October 

Entry Requirements

These qualifications are designed for learners who are typically aged 18 and above. The entry profile for learners is likely to include at least one of the following:
 Relevant Level 3 Diploma qualification or equivalent qualification
 GCE Advanced level in 2 subjects or equivalent qualification
 Mature learners with relevant work experience

Qualification Structure

The Level 4 International Diploma in Early Childhood Education for Teachers contains 9 mandatory units for a combined total of 120 credits, 1200 hours Total Qualification Time (TQT) and 600 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for the completed qualification.

Mandatory Units


Duration & Delivery Mode

Duration 6 months and Mode of delivery is via Live Online (MsTeams).

Essessment & Verification

All units within this qualification are internally assessed by the centre and externally verified by OTHM. The qualifications are criterion referenced, based on the achievement of all the specified learning outcomes.

To achieve a pass for a unit, "learners must provide evidence to demonstrate that they have fulfilled all the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by all assessment criteria. Judgment that the learners have successfully fulfilled the assessment criteria is made by the Assessor.

The Assessor should provide an audit trail showing how the judgment of the learners‟ overall achievement has been arrived at.

Target Audience

The International Diploma in Early Childhood Education for Teachers course is designed for aspiring and practicing teachers , educators, and professionals keen on enhancing their knowledge and skills in early childhood education. It is suitable for individuals working in preschools, kindergartens, day-care centres, or any educational setting catering to young children.



Course Fee        


Total Course Fee  : Rs 106,000/-


Full Payment Option

           1. Admission fee : Rs 1,000

           2. OTHM UK fee : GBP 100 (approximately Rs 40,000) (payable before course commencement date)

           3. Course fee - Rs 65,000 (payable before course commencement date)


Installment Payment Option

            1. Admission fee : Rs 1,000

            2. OTHM UK fee : GBP 100 - (approximately Rs 20,000) (payable before course commencement date)

            3. OTHM UK fee : GBP 100 - (approximately Rs 20,000) (payable after 2 weeks from course commencement date)

            4. Course fee - 1st Instalment Rs 25,000 (payable within 1 month from course commencement date)

            5. Course fee - 2nd Instalment Rs 25,000 (payable within 2 months from course commencement date)

            6. Course fee - 3rd Instalment Rs 25,000 (payable within 3 months from course commencement date)




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