Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

A three year bachelor degree offered by University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Sri Lanka.

Students must register for the BIT degree in the University of Colombo and all the course structure, syllabus, exams, markings and evaluations are done by the University of Colombo.
University provide Online e-learning materials through a VLE for the students.

Students (optionally) can attend any institute to do their studies. Students can change the institute any time, if they are not happy with the quality of lecturing.

At the successful completion of year/level one, students are awarded "Diploma in IT" and at the completion of year/level 2, students are awarded "Higher Diploma in IT" Certification by the University of Colombo.
For successful completion of all three years, candidates are awarded the bachelor of IT degree by the University of Colombo.

Students achieving excellent results will be awarded with class (First class, second class upper or Second class lower)
If a student gets the required GPA of 1.5 for a year but some of the subjects are failed, he/she may still proceed to the next year and resit the failed subjects in parallel while continuing the next year.
If a student does not get the minimum GPA of 1.5 for a year, he/she need to resit the failed subjects and get the required GPA before proceed to next year.


General information

Course Details

A three year bachelor degree offered by University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Sri Lanka.


3 Years (6 semesters)

Course Level

Bachelor Degree

Study Time Period

Weekdays or Weekends,  Morning / Evening classes available 

Medium of Language

Courses will conduct in English medium

Delivery Mode

Live Online via ZOOM



Entry Requirements

Option 1

Pass (local) G.C.E. O/L with minimum 3 credits including credits for Maths and English (Can be in one or multiple sittings).
Pass (local) G.C.E. (A/L) 3 passes in new syllabus or 4 passes in old syllabus (for main subjects) in any subject stream in ONE sitting.

Option 2

Pass (local) G.C.E. O/L with minimum 3 credits including credits for Maths and English (Can be in one or multiple sittings).
Pass in the theory part of FIT–UCSC.

Notes :

* All the students qualified under option 1 & option 2 are registered without any selection test.
* Students with pending A/L results can also register provided they pass the exam when result is released. (Deadline for BIT registration will be extended till A/L results are released.
* If you have not got credits for Maths & English in O/L or other specified passes. You must re-sit the required subjects in O/L and pass, before applying for BIT degree.
* Students already following or planning to register for another internal or external degree course in state universities may also follow the BIT degree in parallel.



Course Subjects (New Syllabus effective from 2020)

Semester 1
Information Systems GPA
Computer Systems GPA
Programming I GPA
Personal Computing GPA
Introductory Mathematics Non-GPA
Semester 2
Web Application Development I GPA
Database Systems GPA
Mathematics for Computing I GPA
Fundamentals of Software Engineering GPA
Communication Skills I Non-GPA
Semester 3
Web Application Development II GPA
Data Structures & Algorithms GPA
Data Management Systems GPA
Object Oriented Analysis & Design GPA
Communication Skills II Non-GPA
Semester 4
Enterprice Application Development GPA
Computer Networks GPA
Information Technology Project Management GPA
Agile Software Development GPA
User Experience Design GPA
Semester 5
Professional Practice GPA
Principles of Information Security GPA
Software Development Project GPA
Systems & Network Administration GPA
e-Business Application GPA (Optional)
Fundamentals of Management Non-GPA
Semester 6
Application Development for Mobile Environment GPA
Network Security & Audit GPA
Software Quality Assurance GPA
Mathematics for Computing II GPA (Optional)
Software Development Project GPA
Advanced Concepts in Information Technology Non-GPA


Total Cost for 3 years (University of Colombo + Summerset)

    Cost for Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
   Application Processing - (when applying) (UCSC) 1,650    
   Annual Registration 3,650 4,400 5,000
   Year Examination fees 16,000 20,100 22,500
   Final Project evaluation fees     11,000
   Sub Total - UCSC fees 21,300 24,300 38,500
   Admission Fee (Summerset) 1,000    
   Course fee (Summerset) 70,000 70,000 70,000
   Total Cost 92,300 94,500 108,500


Course Fees : for a semester at Summerset

           1. Admission fee : Rs 1,000

           2. Course fee - 1st Instalment Rs 10,500

           3. Course fee - 2nd Instalment Rs 10,500

           4. Course fee - 3rd Instalment Rs 10,500

           5. Course fee - 4th Instalment Rs 10,500

     Rs 7,000 Discount applicable for full payment of Course fee



For more details :

University of Colombo - BIT Website : 


Why Study for BIT (UCSC) ?

  • Offerd by University of Colombo

  • Recognised both locally and internationally

  • Facilitate you to proceed with higher education like MSc and PhD

  • Up to date and high quality course content

  • Affordable course fees

Why in Summerset?

  • 10 years in the field of education

  • Well-experienced lecture panel

  • Using State of the Art latest technology

  • Flexible time table

  • Affordable course fee

  • No age limit

  • Activity based learning

  • Different teaching methodology

  • Recognized certificate after completion