01-11-2020 - Partnering with EMEDICS to conduct Health Care Courses

01-11-2020- Partnering with EMEDICS to conduct Health Care Courses  



Comprehensive Pre Hospital care

training agency in Sri Lanka.

EMEDICS Lanka is not new, comprehensive Pre-hospital Emergency Care training agency in its start-up stages. Our headquarters established in Rathmalana, Sri Lanka, and will provide the following services to clients and quickly expand coverage to include all major population centers in Sri Lanka. We provide emergency care and safety training to countless public and private companies; nonprofits; government, community and private organizations; and private individuals, school-based and family day care services.

EMEDICS is a specialist training organization, designed to deliver the best education or knowledge for yourself or your organization. Our team comprises of a hand-picked group of highly skilled and motivated professionals from a range of backgrounds including: Intensive care, EMS, Pre-hospital care, medical practitioners, remote medical practitioners, offshore medics, nurses, occupational safety and fire sciences educators. All have extensive experience in their specialized fields and remain current in their practice.

As a leading provider of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care training and certification courses on MEDIC we offer the largest selection of courses and training options which are available anywhere in Sri Lanka. We have provided our services to employees of so many companies and organizations of high quality training and proven results that we are able to provide them.